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Tech spec, biography, and quotes for venues and promoters

  • For quotes, see my Testimonials page, and for photos, see the Gallery

  • Tech Spec: To be provided by the venue: 1 x vocal mic (SM58 or equivalent), 1 x microphone stand and clip, 1 x DI box (for 1/4" jack guitar lead), 1 x foldback monitor (2 x if possible), 1 x mains power outlet within 3 meters of center stage. Ben will provide: guitar, guitar stand, pedal board, jack-to-jack cables. For further information, please contact Ben at

  • Biography: Ben Robertson is a UK-based fingerstyle guitarist and singer who performs instrumentals and songs from across the Celtic and European folk traditions. Growing up in rural North East Wales, Ben spent his formative years on the Chester and North Wales folk scenes. His style is influenced by the likes of John Renbourn and Dick Gaughan, and and he has been described as "a virtuoso guitarist in the making" and having "stylings and inflections that would please Renbourn fans". In 2022, he released his latest album Rosewood, which received rave reviews and had airplay on BBC Radio 2's Folk Show, amongst others. Throughout 2023, Ben has been busy performing at festivals such as Warwick Folk Festival, Bromyard Folk Festival, and Chester Folk Festival, as well as folk clubs and venues across the country. You can find out more at or visit his facebook page at


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